Scheurich Outdoor 2025/2026

005 SCHEURICH WORLD · CONTENT Scheurich Outdoor 2025/26 TAKE 3 SHAPES AND COLOURS 006 COMPANY FACTS 008 TRUSTED BRAND 010 DESIGN STORY 012 SUSTAINABILITY 014 GARDURO® 017 CERTURO® 018 REDURO® 019 INNOVATIVE PRODUCTION 020 COZY TERRACE 022 MODERN PATIO 042 SMART WATERING 068 SAUCER ROTATION 076 SAUCER INJECTION 078 ON REQUEST 080 POINT OF SALE 084 SOCIAL MEDIA 092 READY TO ORDER 094 LEGENDE KEY 120 WE ARE ALL PART OF A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. JOIN US! Druckfehler vorbehalten. Die gezeigten Farbmuster und Größen in diesem Katalog können fertigungsbedingt geringfügig vom Original abweichen. Printing errors may occur. The colour samples and sizes shown in this catalogue may differ slightly from the originals due to production. N°3SMART WATERING