No matter which living or fashion magazine we are currently reading, this new trend shows up everywhere. In the form of lush foliage prints on shirts, pillows and sheets, accessories in wood, bast and macrame, exotic animals and many rich shades of green. Now it has caught us too – but in this case we were happy to be infected with urban jungle fever!

Welcome Urban Jungle!

Corteza cover-pots with glass bulb, rubber tree, shelfie, succulents, cacti


With our cover-pot series Corteza (those with the textile structure), Intense (those with the thick, glossy pot walls) and Pure Pottery (those with the wild notches), the “main characters” are quickly found. With their natural surfaces, earthy colors and harmonious green shades, they fit perfectly into your home jungle. Exotic-looking plants complete this lovely look.

Shelf shelfie with cover-pots Corteza, Intense, Pure Puttery, succulents, cacti, orchids


Green and wild

The jungle plants here range from simple fern to Sanseveria and from Zamioculca to Crassula, dwarf pepper & Co. A must-have for our tropical theme are cacti and succulents, even orchids can shine here with a grand entrance.And: The good old rubber tree is experiencing a terrific comeback, just as Ivy in all possible variants may fall out of hanging boards or shelves. So it can be very green and wild, your creativity knows no bounds. Anything you like is allowed, and the more different plants and greens you love to combine, the livelier the overall picture becomes.


Shelf shelfie close-up with Corteza plant bowl and cover-pots with succulents and cacti


Decorating Tips for your urban jungle home 

The final touch for the right jungle feeling you get with the matching decoration and selected furniture pieces in the house. How about a carpet in tree-slice look, a cozy wicker chair and cushions in natural colors or with plant motifs? Even industrial style elements can be perfectly combined (like our lowboard made of wood and steel). Hanging pots provide an additional eye-catcher, in which Ivy and Senecia (Circular or ragwort) may simply hang relaxed. Mini-plants are perfectly staged under a glass bell – make sure that you air them now and then!

Visit your local flea market or your favorite second-hand shop where you might find some unique pieces of home decoration that will make your urban jungle something very special. So you can conjure up in a small space your own personal feel-good atmosphere.

And in case you prefer modern accessories: why not have a little bird with your exotic plants? Our Bördy is both cute and a helpful gardener.


urban jungle living room with wicker chair, tree-slice look carpet, succulents, cacti, rubber tree, houseplants, macrame


Urban jungle reduces stress 

By the way, did you know that the color green has a soothing effect on your body and mind and is thus the perfect anti-stress therapy?! Because ferns, cacti and succulents are very easy to care for, they also help to relax at home and give us a perfect feel-good indoor climate. We wish you a lot of fun in designing your own private jungle oasis.Enjoy every day exotic moments and a little holiday at home!