Come on, spring!

He really asks for this year – though: it’s “only” in March! So we should be more patient, enjoy the late winter as much as possible and, if it is too cold, just go to the next garden center. It’s warm inside and the colourful spring flowers are glowing! The ideal place to think about which bulbs you might like to present on your balcony or on your doorstep: hyacinths, tulips, daffodils …


The grape hyacinth

There are about 60 species of this popular spring flower. Among the best known species is certainly the Armenian grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum), whose small grape-shaped flowers light up between March and May in a delicate shade of blue.Grape hyacinths like it sunny and warm and prefer a fluffy soil that should not be too wet. The most beautiful they look in a large cluster with their peers in the planter or flower box planted. You can also combine them with other spring flowers, for example with small-flowered daffodils.


The daffodil

Maybe the definite must-have among the spring flowers, the daffodil usually blooms in yellow tones! It belongs to the Amaryllis family and due to the intensive breeding since the 18th century you can count today – hold on to – about 24,000 cultural forms (hybrids).But there are also wild species, such as the wild daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus), which we can also find in our western European countries, for example on meadows or in bright forests.

The daffodil is a hardy spring flower and can be found in almost every garden. It blooms from February to May, in planters and window boxes and in the sunny bed. Together with crocuses (Crocus), tulips (Tulipa) and snowdrops (Galanthus), she is early in announcing spring.

Our planting tip:

The narcissus bulbs prefer earlier (September) than later (after the first frost) set.
And: Always plant twice as deep as the onion is high and 15 cm away from the neighboring narcissus bulb.

And, the second: If you want to enjoy the first rays of sunshine away, a small watering device might be just the thing.
Our Bördy likes to be out in the sun and looks good too. Learn more about Bördy here!




The hyacinth

One of the most traditional spring flowers is the hyacinth (Hyacinthus), which has many fans today with its fragrance and colourfulness. The early onion flower owes its name to the Greek god Hyakinthos. He attracted people and gods with his beauty, at least that’s what Greek mythology says. From April to May the hyacinth blooms in many different colours from white to pink to blue or orange.

Meanwhile, there are also multicolored hybrids. Its intense, sweet scent is and remains its typical brand image. The hyacinth likes, like most spring flowers, sunny and warm places. Planted in planters or flower boxes in lush soil, the hyacinth lives up to its reputation as a spring messenger.




So, I’m looking forward to spring now – and you?

You are very welcome to comment on this article and tell me which spring flowers may not be missing in your garden or on your balcony.
I look forward to your ideas and comments!

Yours,Christiene from the Scheurich-Blog Team.