In our “How-to” section, we explain to you briefly and understandably how to use Scheurich products correctly.

Today we have decided for our watering device Bördy and one thing in advance: Our “instructions” applies to all sizes of the Bördys! (S, M, XL and XXL)

The Bördy is the clever watering device which provides your plants with enough water to protect them from drying out.
You can find more information about Bördy here on our website.
Our little friend with the big beak has developed in recent years into an instant classic, which has found at least one home in many apartments and on even more balconies. Not for nothing was the Bördy XL of Stiftung Warentest in the group “irrigation systems with a small tank for indoor plants” awarded the test winner …

But enough with the self-praise!

Let’s show you how to use watering device Bördy correctly:

Bördy pour the plant

1: An important step right at the beginning – water your plant as usual.

Bördy planted into soil

2: After watering your plant, you can get your Bördy out of its nest of packaging and put it in the damp potting soil.

Bördy fill up with water

3: Now it is time to feed the bird – use a watering can or a measuring cup to fill the water into the Bördy’s beak.

  • The water slowly drains through Bördys clay cone into the soil.

Which Bördy takes care of the plants for how long?

The information we give you about this may vary depending on the size, location and thirst of the plant!

Bördy S 90ml up to 4 days
Bördy M 220ml up to 4 days
Bördy XL 620ml up to 11 days
Bördy XXL 1000ml for up to 15 days

In which colors is the watering device Bördy available?

Bördy S and Bördy M are available in Blue, Green, Orange and Transparent/Clear,
Bördy XL and XXL are available in Green, Transparent and Champagne Pearl.

In which plants does the Bördy feel good?

Whether indoor or outdoor plant: the Bördy feels good in all plants, as long as there is regularly something to drink for him …

To collect, as a gift, a real must-have! Finally, without a guilty conscience go on a short break – your plants are in the meantime well looked after by Bördy!

To keep it that way, we also have a little tip for cleaning:

It works best with water plus a modest amount of vinegar! And very important:Please do not give fertilizer in the Bördy water, the clay cone does not like that at all! Further information can be found in the FAQ’s on our website.

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Do not you own any of the above-mentioned birds yet? Then promptly inquire at the next garden / hardware store!

Your Scheurich-Blog team