Succulents on shelf board with Scheurich cover-pots

Some succulents look like plants from another planet. Strange waxy and fleshy leaves, weird shapes, stunning colors. Some have spikes, some have thorns and some even put on war paint. Succulents suit every interior style and every room. These exotic plants are also compatible for current interior trends such as “Urban Jungle”. Additionally, succulents are also very easy to care for.

Shelf board with succulents

Succulent Shelfie: use ouf ceramic cover-pot series Intense (Glazing White, left and centre) and Shades (Scottish Moss und Light Moss, top and right)


Train your green finger with succulents. They are the ideal sparring partner for beginners. These plants are tough. Just like the cacti, succulents are very easy to care for, are enduring and frugal.



Succulents are water preserving plants. The Latin word “Sucus” means “juice” or “sap”. Succulents are not a separate plant family, but only a collective term for plants that have water-storing tissue. That’s why all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. If you want to know more about cacti, click here.

Here are some of the most famous succulent representatives: blue agave (tequila), aloe vera (wound healing), money tree (Crassula on the right), bow hemp, echeveria, houseleek, pea plant and dwarf pepper.

Shelf board with cover-pot series Shades

Succelents simply look great in Scheurich cover-pot series “Shades”: Hanging cactus (Rhipsalis, on the left), Kalanchoe pumila (centre) and money tree (Crassula, on the right)


Top priority with any succulents: Avoid waterlogging. When in doubt, too little water is always better than too much water. It’s best to water succulents in the evening. Ideal is lime-free water, e.g. rainwater. Succulents like a lot of sun, but can also cope with only indirect light. Rule of thumb: the less sunlight they get, the less water they need. Another tip for freshly purchased succulents: Slowly increase the amount of sunlight, as the plants have to get used to it. This is also true if you want to put the succulents on the balcony or the terrace in the summer.

Shelf Board with Scheurich cover-pots and plenty of succulents.

It’s Shelfie time: Succulent splendor on the shelf – inspiring idea for your green oasis at home


Scheurich pots from the Intense series or the new Shades series are simply perfect for succulents. Our cover-pot series Intense features bold craftsmanship and clear, natural colors. Shades, on the other hand, is inspired by Scandinavian design. The two-tone look stands for wide landscapes and inner balance. Combine the versatile succulents with these pots and some gaudy accessories, lamps or vases and you’re rewarded with a refreshing mix. As with the cacti, the succulents can be perfectly combined with ferns or monstera.



Some succulents use a type of sunscreen. They have a special white or silvery surface which increases the reflection and thus protects them from too much sunlight. There are also some succulents that form a white fluff to achieve the same effect.