The cactus is back. And it is here to stay. Cacti are a perfect match for the latest interior trend “urban jungle”. The (mostly) prickly evergreens add something special and exotic to your home. Cacti also combine their infamous low maintenance with good looks: permanent green and beautiful flowers in rich white, yellow, red and pink. The ideal plants for people without green fingers or at least with little time…


Cactus decoration on dining table

We love to decorate with cacti not only on windowsills

Cacti: Variety in shape and size

They are also available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, even for the smallest windowsill. So everyone can have a cactus. You can even plant a few cacti outdoors, for example the Cylindropuntia imbricata can stay outside during wintertime, even when it’s freezing cold.

For the perfect jungle look, you can combine cacti like the Echinocactus grusonii or Echinopsis very well with home jungle classics like Monstera Deliciosa or ferns as well as other succulents like Aloe Vera, Aloe Humilis or Aloe Cosmo. You can also find more about “urban jungle” here on our blog.

Sideboard decoration with cacti, hanging pots and succulents

The small green cactus and its large-leaved plant friends

First cactus fans: the Aztecs

Almost all cacti originally come from America. In Mexico, they are cultural assets and even part of the national emblem. The ancient Aztecs cultivated cacti and used them as decoration, medicine, food or even construction material. Most Cacti can live up to 200 years and grow up to 15 meters high. Some cactus species need several years to bloom for the first time. But the beautiful flowers are worth waiting for this special moment!

Forgot to water your cactus? No problem!

Forgot about watering again? Always on the run? Do not panic, cacti can survive a little draught in your apartment. But since it rarely rains in your home, you still need to water your cactus about once a month. Their only permanent requirement is plenty of sunlight. So give them a good place at the window. We’ve done the math: Little water and a lot of sun equals exotic cactus fun. Sounds like a good deal!

Table decoration with mini cactus in mini pot

The mini and midi cover-pots of the series Cactus Garden are available in three sizes.

Cactus Garden – Scheurich cover-pots for cacti

Scheurich presents the new cactus cover-pot collection with cute cactus motifs: The “Cactus Garden” series with three beautiful designs and three sizes. Here every cactus finds a nice home.

And for those who like it a bit more plain: The cover-pots of the Scheurich  “Corteza” series also fit the look quite well. The handmade look reminds us of textile structures and thus completes the natural look.

The cactus fun fact

Believe it or not: cacti originally had leaves! Over time these have slowly rolled up and now belong to the stem. Thus, the cactus saves water and protects itself against hungry animals. The remains of these leaves are now the thorns.

Are you also a cactus fan? Leave a comment and tell us about your experiences – we are curious!