Prepare potted plants for winter season

Short days, dreary weather, icy temperatures – a completely normal picture during the cold season. That’s why you think about whether you really should leave the house. Why not enjoy a cup of tea in the warm living room in front of the stove and hide the external conditions. This allows the winter months to bridge well.

For your pot and potted plants outside in the garden or on the balcony things go very differently. They suffer from winter conditions and cannot protect themselves against it.

So if you want see your plants blooming again in spring or summer, just check out the following steps and prepare your plants sufficiently for the winter.

What do we need for this?

  • Base layer, e.g. a coco mat
  • cover, e.g. coco mat, fleece or bubble wrap
  • jute or sisal yarn• gardening gloves

orchid ready for winter tools

NOTE: Always make sure that the water can drain from the planter! High quality planters, e.g. from Scheurich, have here a closable water drain with parking position for the plug, if this is not needed.


Here we go!

1st Step: Place the planter in the middle of a heat-insulating base layer – we took a coco mat.

orchid ready for winter coco mat


2nd step: wrap the cover layer around the planter. Again, we used a coco mat but you can also use a fleece or bubble wrap.

orchid ready for winter wrap around


3rd Step: fix the cover with a jute or sisal yarn to shelter plant and planter from the cold.

orchid ready for winter fix the cover


Finally, choose a place sheltered from wind for your plants and then quickly go back in the warm house. Now winter can come!



The instructions are also available here as a video:


What do you think of our “Winterproof Guide”? How do you protect your plants in winter?

We look forward to your contributions!