The Plantbag by Scheurich – the smart plant bag with the practical handles is made of solid plastic, is reliably waterproof and therefore a modern alternative to conventional plant pots.

But that’s not all! The Plantbag is absolutely suitable for creating a fancy gift for a variety of occasions with little effort!


 Here are seven 7 handpicked gift ideas for our Plantbag:



  … as a Christmas present:

A Plantbag equipped with a bottle of sparkling wine and a “Copa” watering device (it looks like a champagne glass!) from Scheurich. The matching ornament of pine cones and a star chain gives the plant bag a festive look.


Scheurich Plantbag Xmas



… as a herb pot in the kitchen:

Put two different fresh herbs in the Plantbag and there you go! Whether for your own kitchen or as a gift for your friends’ housewarming party. Rosemary, Parsley, Mint or Basil – everyone loves fresh herbs in their home.


Scheurich Plantbag Kitchen



… as a herb pot for cocktail parties:

A mojito without fresh mint? A gin basil smash without basil? An absolute no-go for any cocktail party!

So just get the Plantbag ready in no time with the necessary herbs. It looks great and helps to make it an unforgettable refreshing party in summertimen – cheers!


Scheurich Plantbag Cocktailparty


… as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any special occasion:

Above all, the male readers of our blog should now feel addressed:

Make your soulmate happy with a Plantbag stocked with the favorite flowers (it does not have to be roses, you know) and a box of chocolates. For this special declaration of love you have earned yourself a glass of champagne.


Scheurich Plantbag Valentine



There are many more ways to give the Plantbag away – check our blog regularly for more fancy ideas!


Have you already given away a Plantbag?

Just write us a comment, we look forward to reading it!



Your Scheurich-Blog team